Business Process


Group Trinity’s core competence is manifest in stringent quality control of the entire supply chain of its textile business. Its in-house business processes include sourcing, manufacturing & stocking of greige fabrics; processing of the greige : packaging & despatch of finished products.

The Group’s business processes are partnered with a dedicated set of business associates. These associates are selected after due diligence and stringent inspection of their process and facilities conforming to :

  • A systematic approach to quality maintenance at all stages.
  • All bulk deliveries are done after basic chemical & physical tests conformity.
Group Trinity conforms to international mandatory ethical practices. All its operations are within the framework of existing statutes. These include:
  • Non-employment of child labour.
  • Compliance with the laws governing payment of wages and salaries.
  • Compliance with our environmental code of practices and norms.
  • A hygienic work environment, with emphasis on health, safety and environment.
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